My Story

Back in 2006 my love for gemology and the metaphysical properties of stones collided with my need for creative expression. As a college student, I had little money for tools and materials so I "borrowed" a pair of pliers and some snips from my father, purchased some cheap nickle wire from the craft store, and dug into my stone collection. From there my first wire wrapped pendant was created and All Spun Up Jewelry Designs was born.

I was a wire wrap jewelry artist for years until I could no longer ignore my desire to experiment with other forms of metal manipulation and fabrication techniques. I soon began exploring the world of precious metal clay. This was an exciting new realm of creation for me and still is to this day because with this material your only limitation is your own imagination. This is when the evolution into Hannah Lynn Jewelry began.


When working with precious metal clay I essentially receive a lump of clay which has precious metal molecules bound in it. From there I spend hours carving, imprinting, filing, and sanding it until I have reached my optimal design. Once I am satisfied with my creation it is fired in a kiln, where the clay particles burn off and pure precious metal is left behind. From there I spend more time finishing and polishing the piece to completion. 


All of my designs are hand drawn and created by me in my home. If you look at my "Artwork" page you will find my original hand drawn mandalas which I create stamps of and use in my unique artisan jewelry.


I still love working with metal clay because of the endless possibilities, but I have also begun to dive into different means of fabrication and stone setting techniques. Every piece of art I create is hand forged by me, with lots of love, in my small home studio, nestled in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts.  




I love to hear your requests. If you have an idea in mind please reach out to me. I will work my absolute hardest to bring your vision to life for you to enjoy!

I am currently working towards getting in to as many artisan fairs and shows as possible so I can combine my love for creating, with my passion for travel, and share my art with people near and far. Be sure to check out my "Events" page to see where I am headed next! 


Without the ongoing support of my family, friends, and clients I would not be fulfilling my dreams and expressing myself creatively. I have so much gratitude for those who support me and appreciate my artwork, so a big thanks to all of you for allowing me to continue on this journey and do what I love to do!

                                                       Love & Light